Technical Extreme Trousers

Designed with a new and modern look, slim fit and advanced stretch material for increased comfort and ergonomics. New strong reinforcement material is used on critical areas, ventilation zippers and the pre-bent knees provide durability and comfort for long working days. Includes two front pockets, two back pockets, one on the left leg, and a ruler pocket. Removable braces are included and the waist can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Also features reflective fabric on the knees. A ruler pocket that opens with a waterproofed zipper. Available in a range of sizes.

Reflective Fabric Trousers

The knees are reinforced and have a reflective fabric. Provides high visibility in dark and dim conditions.

Adjustable Waist

The waist is adjustable with velcro for a perfect and cormfortable fit in all conditions.

Fastening Hook

Fastens the trousers to the boot, prevents the trouser slipping up

Leg Pocket

Pocket on the left leg is easy to reach

Kwf Profi

This product is approved according to KWF Profi.

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Stocked Brands

  • Atom
  • Brigs and Straton
  • Cromlins
  • Hansa
  • Oregon